The Center Movement

As we continue to live in a more polarized world, it is necessary to find ways to bring the narrative to the center. Getting both sides to agree on common goals, and removing any signs of extreme movements that hurt the population in the long run is definitely something that must be done. For some time now I have been advocating for political leadership to move to the center in order to get things done and not polarize the country. This idea of creating the center movement may not fit so much with those who believe in the extreme left or right. Nevertheless, I strongly believe that finding ways to advance where there is no space to compromise is extremely important. We cannot build a world where only extremes rule, and where the center along with compromise cannot be met by anyone simply because the easy way out is to demand that the other side adhere to your cause instead of searching for common grounds.


What happened recently with Brett Kavanaugh and his confirmation is another sign of the need of finding ways to work together. Destroying someone’s reputation or a victim’s version of events only for political gain is really disgusting and unacceptable. And this is exactly what happened during the hearings. There was more attention paid to what would happened if both sides would be successful or unsuccessful at their political objectives than to the two human beings being exposed. Dr. Ford and Justice Kavanaugh were pawns in a dirty game of politics. But this is not the first time this happens where extremes govern the political spectrum, therefore, and, as a consequence of today’s political atmosphere, creating the need for a different message.


Some of you might ask what the center movement is. It is the idea of promoting young leadership that can be multifaceted and apply policies that can solve real problems with effective leadership in order to get the job done. If a city requires a social or liberal solution, what would be the problem in doing so? Obviously the answer to this question should be that there should be no problem in being pragmatic and solving problems without falling into the idea that if I solve a problem with a liberal idea, then I am a communist or socialist. This is ridiculous.


On the other hand, if a city requires a right wing solution to a problem, why not put it into effect in order to solve the community’s problems. This should not make anyone call the leadership extreme, or falling into fascism. This would also be ridiculous. Therefore, the center movement is based on solving problems using the best possible way to address the issues without having to choose a side. The only side we must choose is the one that stands right beside the people, not with special interests or political groups. In the end, it is about making things happen, and not just listening to one side. We must listen to everyone, not alienate anyone for thinking differently and try to come together- brainstorming- to find solutions that really benefit the people. This is what the center movement I believe in stands for, and expressing this does not make me anything different than a man who believes that by listening to others I can be a better leader who executes what is best for the people I represent.


The center movement is a vision, a changing force that will take over the political landscape, and, as more and more politicians continue to sell extreme ideas where people are obliged to follow because they have no other choice in between the two extremes being sold, then no one will follow anyone because of the message, and this is extremely dangerous. If this continues to happen, then the center movement will continue to grow and I will be a strong advocate of it. Supporting new ideas, leaders and a message of hope is definitely something I strongly believe in and consider is the way to move forward.

Cristhian Mancera Mejia