The Rise of Trump

The rise of Trump

While many were underestimating Trump’s rise for months, he was definitely involved in this campaign for the long run. Trump got into the race to win, and whoever thought he wasn’t has now been proven wrong. Trump has risen because he has been able to dig deep into people’s discontent with the way the government has been handled for years. Both democrats and republicans have shown support for Trump’s message allowing him to win more and more states. Winning Florida also proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the idea of all Hispanics supporting Rubio was farfetched, and, it also shows the ignorance and lack of understanding of a population as diverse as the Latino community. Many outside Florida thought Hispanics would rally around Rubio in south Florida, but their analysis was wrong because most Latinos are not Cuban, therefore, assuming they would vote for Rubio just because he was Latino was a big mistake. Latinos are always characterized as Mexicans or Cubans, but this is very far from the truth especially after yesterday’s results. The demographics have changed substantially in the last decade in Florida, especially Miami-Dade, calling for a better understanding of the Hispanic community before rendering judgment on how this community votes.


In Miami, where many Hispanics were thought to support Rubio, ended up being Trump territory because Colombians, Argentinians, Venezuelans and other nationalities came out to vote for Trump as a way to protest for years of poor leadership from the Cuban community in Miami and South Florida. In a way, it was a punishment vote for Rubio for not living up to his voters’ expectations. Florida gave Trump a very important win, which will ultimately push him towards the nomination.


After yesterday’s win, Trump must be considering what his next steps will be if he eventually becomes the Republican nominee regarding illegal immigration, how he will deal with topics surrounding Latin America, which are very important to Hispanics who vote in south Florida. Venezuela’s regime, Colombia’s peace process and how the extreme left has taken over Latin America and Colombia being its next target. Furthermore, Trump must also be considering toning down his rhetoric to unite conservatives and democrats who share his views on how the country should be run.


In the past I have been critical of Trump’s message as I thought bringing so much violence and hatred into the campaign would only serve Hillary Clinton and the Obama white house in their effort for a third term, and I still do; nevertheless, I believe that if the message is directed towards the issues that people care about, then Trump will definitely have a big chance to win in a general election against any democrat like Sanders or Clinton. Unfortunately, if Trump continues to launch hateful comments, then getting the nomination of his party for President will be difficult causing a revolt at the convention of proportions which conservatives have not seen in recent times.


The ball is in your court Mr. Trump, and only you can decide to unite the Republican Party winning the election by addressing the issues that people care about, or continue your dangerous path of hateful speech which could destroy any chance to win the general election. In the end, many things have been said about Trump, but one thing is sure; he is not a looser and he will take his message until he reaches his goal; winning. Therefore, I hope the message is changed and that he is able to come to his senses in order to unite the republican and have a clear shot at winning the white house. The only thing left to see is if conservatives will unite around trump- we shall see-.  He is winning, and getting closer to the nomination. He has risen, and there are no signs of him coming down.

Cristhian Mancera Mejia





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