Trump: The big winner, The Media: The Big loser

As we go over the election from start to finish, we must conclude that from the beginning no one ever thought Donald Trump would be elected President of the United States. Nevertheless, the results have shown otherwise, and, of course, they proved how disconnected the media is from people, and how they only answer to big interests just like some politicians. Trump won by being smart, telling people what they are fed up with, by being different and telling it like it is. Yes, he was offensive at times; a big mouth, and sometimes he came across as a bully or even a racist. That being said, he also reached out to the average voter, the guy who felt forgotten, disenfranchised and completely disregarded by Washington elites. After the election, and having Donald Trump proclaim his overwhelming victory over Clinton and President Obama, I overheard many people on the streets say “please forgive my country” and I thought; forgive my country for electing Trump? , Seriously? I asked why, and of course many people were fast to say he was a bully, racist etc., but provided no substance. It was as if I was listening to the media repeat biased comments about the President elect. I almost thought it was Jorge Ramos from Univision or Don Lemon from CNN, who after this election could ask for a job at the DNC as political operatives. They surely do not know what being a journalist is; an activist for sure, but not a journalist.


Therefore, we can establish that Trump provided a shocking surprise to many, but for some it was not so certain Clinton would win. Although, I must admit, with that display of artists, singers, media and President Obama himself with his ever gracious and beautiful wife helping, it was almost impossible to expect that Clinton would lose. But I guess they were quick to think the win was in the bag. Beyond how much this means to the new political spectrum, and how it will reshape America, what happened on November 8th,2016 was just a reflection of how bad the main stream media does its job. From not reporting the truth, manipulating the information and being completely permissive with governments on the left but being tough and strong with conservatives, it only goes to show that if they plan to stay around, they will have to adjust, and inform more than just taking sides as they did for this election.


The New York Times, Univision, CNN and other media outlets proved how biased they were. There was even a political operative-Ana Navarro- who claimed all Latinos were outraged at Trump. Perhaps years at being at the top have made Navarro forget the power of canvassing and reaching out to voters, not just the wealthy and more influential.And the voters, as I interviewed them said they would vote for Trump, and they were all Latino. Therefore, the mainstream media has to also remember not all Latinos are Mexican, not everyone feels represented by Jorge Ramos from Univision, and, therefore, a more deep analysis must be done moving forward because the Latino voter landscape has changed dramatically and it no longer belongs only to Mexicans or Cubans.


Finally, Democracy won, not just Trump. Millions of people sent a clear message of refusing to accept failed policies of 8 years, and having a renewed trust on Clinton was not an option for many in the mass population. President Obama is not a bad President nor is he an evil person, but some of his policies have not delivered what they promised, and that is why many democrats voted Trump, as shocking as that may be for many. Let’s unite and bring together the union, and let’s move forward in celebration of democracy. The big winner was Mr. Trump and no doubt the big loser was the media, democrats, President Obama and his legacy.

Cristhian Mancera Mejia