Why race needs to be eradicated

It is time to consider ourselves one human race, rather than have a race classification system that divides societies and cripples progression. “Race” is nothing more than a euphemism for cowardly judging a book by its cover, except we’re not judging an inanimate object, but rather our very own, our fellow Americans.


Let’s be honest here, race merely dictates the way you look. Surely one can differentiate a Chinese-American from a Mexican-American, but are they biologically different? NO. Our genetic makeup does not change based on our “race”, otherwise we’d have human subspecies. And although race classification led to the extermination of Native-Americans, the internment of Japanese-Americans and the enslavement of African-Americans, by no means were they biologically inferior to the rest, nor any less American. As a socially constructed idea without any biological basis, race must be eradicated for the edification of the only race that truly exists- the human race.


The U.S. is facing a tumultuous time, and it is counterproductive and counterintuitive to classify citizens based on race. All lives matter. Blue, black, white, yellow, brown and every other color on the human spectrum.  Pundits might argue that a race census allows for less discrimination, but is it working? A recent Pew study found that most black Americans don’t see racial equality a thing of the future. It’s 2016. Barack Obama is POTUS. If we haven't seen much progress yet, then something is wrong. That’s just the tip of the iceberg; what about reverse racism? And this is beyond a black and white issue, this involves all colors. America has been a melting pot for too long now; we are already too mixed and too integrated to try and pluck us out. The future of America is a mixed race, why not accept that now and allow us to simply check the “human” box?  


Classifying members of a society based on physical differences is not just an outdated notion, it’s barbaric. It’s easy to lose our own humanity when we fail to see others for what they are- Human. If that’s a far-fetched idea, let’s at least settle for seeing the nationality in one another.  We are American.  That’s it. Not black American, white American or yellow American. Just American. Simone Biles, Danell Leyva and Michael Phelps represented the U.S. by virtue of their skill, not race. Let’s not just limit that to games; let’s make it real life. And maybe, just maybe humans will focus on breeding winners, and leaving savagery to beasts.



Written by:

Gema Calero





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